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Its what you don't do that defines you


Fancy a healthy dash of nostalgia? Watch a friend of mine’s play through of Pokemon Blue. He’s also British and does silly voices, go love him.

So! Here we have it!

A brand new song written and produced by Sanjay. It’s called “Lost In Thought” and has a really nice vibe. The piano line is just one of those that you could listen to looped all day long :)

We’ve got so much more music coming your way in the next few weeks and months!


B.E x

Project - Best Enemies HQ

Hello Everyone!

Best Enemies

So, we have some exciting news! We are going to build a studio/practice room

First off, We’d like to say a huge thank-you to Sue and Pete (Friends of ours) for giving us the space to transform into a musical metropolis!

We’ll be blogging every step of the way, so you can see how we’ll transform a garage into our musical home! 

Let the music commence! 

Project HQ

Ta, Much Love!

New People. New Outlook.


Hey, Dan here.

So we’ve been very quiet for a while, as both me and Finch have had a lot on our plates! (university, work, etc). But we are back in full swing again!

You may have missed it, but we put up a song a few weeks ago on soundcloud called “Uncharted” which is another ambient trip hop track, so go check it out and leave us a favourite/comment!

Best Enemies has changed.

We are pulling together a bunch of our friends, and writing music together, not  as a band, but as a collective. Anyone can be involved in any track! So, the new members!

  • Lucie Zaccari - Piano/Vox
  • Brogan McCormack - Guitar/Vox
  • Sanjay Keshav - Producer/Tabla

Why the change?

Writing music as a duo is good fun, but we want this album to be diverse and different. We want to involve as many music genres as we can! Also, we love hanging out with our friends, so this is all just a massive plus really!

We’ve already started writing songs with our new members, and they are sounding sweet! Here is an exclusive preview of one of our new songs (Not available on our public soundcloud page):

Click Here For Exclusive Preview!

So get ready to have some new music in your ears!

P.S: Check out the new album art!

Album Art

Ta, Much Love, Best Enemies x